Interview No 1


Mathilde Odilia interviews Julia Gat | UPBRINGING

Very happy to share with you my Interview No 1 with photographer and filmmaker Julia Gat! I have been an admirer of her work for sometime now and that’s why this interview could happen as spontaneously as it did. No advance planning, I just saw her newest photographic series called “Upbringing”, heard her talk about it and then the idea was born. Loving the visuals she made with the video and the audio editing she did.

In “Upbringing”, Julia Gat sheds light on alternative forms of education. The subject of these pictures are kids of the Montessori Elementary School De Korg in Rotterdam. This series was exhibited at the Fotofestival Schiedam (NL, 2018) and Villa Du Toit (CH, 2019).

There’s still so much to talk about surrounding this topic but we both felt that this three minute video is a good start.


Instagram: @juliagatphotography