about mathilde odilia

Graduated from the Prins Claus Conservatory Groningen with classical violin (2016, Sonja van Beek), Finnish/Dutch Mathilde Odilia has ever since embarked on a new road by diving into the creation of her own music.

She was a participant of various Roots & Routes projects In Rotterdam and Cologne and got selected as a member of the 2017-2018 Poetry Circle 010. In June 2018 she won the coaching price in the DEBUT x Roots competition as her alter ego ODILE. In March 2019 she had her first supportact performance with this act, creating her own world with looper, violin, vocals and beats.

She has performed in a variety of locations: from a small village in Russia as an orchestra violinist in the Ricciotti Ensemble to Maaspodium Rotterdam as a solo act with voice, violin and looper for a Hiphop Theatre show.